Welcome to The Kingdom of the White Peacock.

The name of this blog sounds more like the title of a fantasy novel or at least a story. That is actually what I wanted it to be – a fantasy novel about a strange kingdom presided by a white peacock, which could only survive if the fire-loving birds embraced the forest flames that blazed every evening.

It would have made a fun story, really, except that my restless mind did not have the patience to think the story out. Sometimes, when it does think of something with a logical beginning and an ending, it doesn’t have the patience to finish the story. I like to say that my mind has a mind of its own. Like my hair, which also has a mind of its own. And if I didn’t have enough self control, I would have been a schizophrenic by now.

Thankfully, I am not. I am a journalist, a person in a profession that only feeds the restlessness in my soul. I write about wars and conflicts, women and rapes and domestic violence. But there are many things I don’t write about, things for which I will not find experts to support my claims and things which are there inside me that I just want to talk about. Funny things, interesting observations, my life as a foreigner and a migrant, as a marginal human being in one part of the earth and as a member of the majority in another, my passion for art, literature and music, and my desire for trying to understand life as it happens.

This blog has book reviews, observations from daily life in Germany, experiences as a journalist and scraps of information that I pick up from here and there. Enjoy, and do leave your comments.